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  • Rustic Fantasy’s management team of Emerald Li and Mark Richardson have nearly 50 years of experience in product sourcing and customized branding
  • Over the last 20 years, they have successfully fulfilled 1,000s of orders across multiple product categories and around the world (link to clients)
  • Today, they now work with a roster of the best supplying companies and have a full understanding of the production processes involved at every stage
  • Essential to the client is optimized branding ensuring that their values and message are delivered, an area where Rustic Fantasy have an exceptional record
  • The Rustic Fantasy Product Offer includes a full creative design service that ensures that the expectations of the client are constantly exceeded
  • For product selection, Rustic Fantasy offers a comprehensive range of established items regularly updated with innovative and up-to-date additions  (link to galleries)
  • The Rustic Fantasy Product Offer means that you get what you what want, in the required quantity and to the agreed specifications – Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Mark Richardson
Managing Director
Emerald Li
General Manager


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